Anime the Same as Manga?

Manga and anime both are from country of Japan.  If you are not living in Japan then let me tell you in simple language what these things are and how you can enjoy your time and entertain yourself by these things. Anime is the audio and video animation from Japan with amazing characterization and storyline. Whereas the manga is the comic book with a storyline which can amaze you if you will read it in detail. Learn in details about watching อนิเมะ.

Different interest for different people

Not only in Western countries but also in Japan where people are familiar with these things are focusing on the specific thing according to the interest.  For example if you are interested in the books reading then you will be able to read the books by getting the Manga books.  But if you are a person who wants to see the story line by the animation then anime is the only choice you have.  It will allow you to enjoy the animation and at the same time get familiar with the story line.

Manga is right to left

In the Western world it will be very different to know that the Manga books are readable from right to left.  It means that you are going to read the whole book with the characterization but from right to left to understand what the storyline is telling you.  The other books in the world are read from left to right but this is different in the Manga books.  In the animation there is nothing problematic to understand and you will be able to watch the animation with the story line which is understandable for everyone.

Many titles

The animation and at the same time the Manga books are having multiple titles for everyone to enjoy.  There are some similarities between anime and manga which can be comprehended by everyone.  Not every manga book is converted to the anime but the many Manga books have been converted to the animation.  In other words you can say that some of the anime movies are the animated version of the Manga books.

Manga is much more original

Many people say that Manga books are in the original format whereas the anime is censored on many places.  We can easily say that, anime is in the edited format but you can’t say the same thing for the anime.

Manga is Black and white

One of the major differences between Manga books and anime is the colors of the characters. It means, the book will be in the black and white format where is the anime will be in color for you to enjoy. Even if the anime has been converted from the Manga books, still it will be in color.


Maybe because both Manga books and anime came from Japan still there are many differences between each other.  Not only the differences is Apparent but also the audience for each thing is very different to each other.  This story is not only limited to Japan but also in the western countries where both these things are very popular.